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Welcome To Our New farm Hairdressers Website!

Maybe you have heard of us… Perhaps a friend or loved one have been amongst the many thousand’s of beautiful brides we have pampered over the past 15 years. The Powder Room hair-stylists, are highly skilled artists. Devoted to creating a beatifull haircuts and colours and a unique and personalised experience for all who come to visit us.

The intimate boutique hairdressing salon is above street level and nestled amongst the stylish neighbourhood of New Farm’s café district. Soft natural light floods the hairdressers salon through large windows framed by beautiful palms.

Karen opened the The Powder Room hair salon in early 2000 in New Farm, and the choice of a location above street level was perfect so that our clients would have privacy and able to relax in a more intimate environment. Free from walk in traffic  and the hustle bustle that’s all around us these days, still having the convenience of the Merthyr Village shopping centre, Centro on James Street, Gasworks and the ever hip Valley district.

New Farm has some of the best hairdressers in Australia and the restaurants, bars and shopping aren’t too shabby either.
Everyone loves the vibe and energy that comes from our cosmopolitan precinct.

We rely on great referrals from our lovely clients and the success of The Powder Room comes from offering only the best service,
genuine care & creating amazing haircuts and gorgeous colours.

Please come and visit us soon and experience fantastic service and award winning hairdressing.

The Powder Room Team x

  • "I have been a Powder Room client for over 10 years. I love what they do!"

    Maureen | New Farm
  • " I felt like Cinderella going to the ball. Great makeup and hair thanks again"

    Cicerly | Chelmer
  • "Best Coffee and Cuts :) keep me coming back for more!"

    David | Tenerieffe
  • "My colour looks fantastic everytime and it lasts and lasts"

    Jacqui | Newstead
  • "I am very particular about my cut and colour and it's brilliant every time!"

    Jenny | New Farm
  • " I book up my appointments 6 months ahead, such a great experience"

    Eva C Hamilton
  • " I always tell everyone I meet how great you guys are!"

    Dianne | Ascot
  • " I love coming to The Powder Room, its my one escape"

    Margot | Toowong
  • "You have the best service and the my favourite magazines"

    Janice | New Farm
  • "The Powder Room is the best bar none!"

    Amanda | Bowen Hills